Checkout our New Product: The SMILE SYSTEM


The PMI Smile System by Camar saves valuable time during base cabinet installation as it delivers the easiest base cabinet leveling adjustment method in the industry. The Smile System Adjustment Tool and Extension Handle create simplicity in making needed base cabinet leveling adjustments. Use of this base cabinet leveling system will also minimize water damage to cabinets as they elevate cabinets from directly touching the floor. Maximize CNC nesting output and panel-cutting yield by eliminating the base cabinet toe-kick notch. Approximately 12% space-saving solution when shipping base cabinets without toe-kicks. Fewer SKUs are needed in comparison to other base cabinet leveling system products sold in the market. The Camar levelers and components are made out of a long-lasting High Impact ABS Plastic. Suitable for all types of cabinetry applications.


  • Flat, black ABS Adjustment tool for Smile System Leveler
  • Rotate the tool 180° to adjust the leveler Up or Down
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Retractable insert for use with the extension tool 809-60-TT (sold separately) for hard to reach leveler locations
  • Sold individually
  • Best European-designed leveling system for base cabinet installation
  • Efficient and quick adjustments
  • Versatile and adaptable adjustment options
  • Leveler adjustments with ease, and convenience to reach significant depth, corner, and rear cabinets
    using innovative Smile System Adjustment Tool and Extension Tool. (Sold Separately)
  • Long-Lasting High Impact ABS Plastic, providing reliable strength and stability

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